There are two fundamental ways to bring media into Avid, and which one you should use depends on which program you intend to finish in. If you’re finishing in Avid or Baselight via Avid, then the AMA workflow is recommended, as it ensures you get a good relink and don’t lose any metadata. If you’re intending to finish anywhere else, then using a third party program is recommended, as it’s generally a faster and more reliable transcode than doing it in Avid, does not interfere with the relink (when properly executed), does not take over your system so you can continue to work in Avid while transcoding, and of course allows better options for doing dailies colour correction.

This workflow will use Black Magic’s amazing DaVinci Resolve to create master clips that are brought directly into Avid without consolidating orĀ transcoding. This workflow was used in Resolve 12.5 and Avid 8.6 in OS X Yosemite, however I expect it to be stable in the current Resolve 14 and Avid 8.9 as well, in either OS X or Windows.

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